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2019 Australian Federal Budget Webinar

  • 03 Apr 2019
  • Webinar

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2019 Australian Federal Budget Webinar – Expat Edition – if the announcements coming out of Canberra in previous federal budgets is anything to go by the 2019 Australian Federal Budget Webinar will be a must attend event for Australian expats.

The world is becoming a very small space for Australian expats as both foreign and domestic governments now have the ability to implement fiscal policy outside of Australian shores.

In this webinar we will run through a summary of the changes announced in the 2019 Australian Federal Budget, and how they may affect Australian expats.

To cater for all time zones we will be running a live webinar at two convenient times so that Australian expats in all jurisdictions will be able to attend and be informed of what Canberra may have in stall for them.




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